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Colored Theatre Lights


Reliable Power Solutions for Seamless Event Execution

Reliable Power Solutions for Seamless Event Execution

When it comes to event production, a reliable power supply is crucial for seamless execution. At SPH, our certified electricians specialise in comprehensive electrical services tailored to the unique needs of live events. From power distribution and lighting to rigging and technical support, we ensure a safe and efficient electrical setup. Our expertise extends to handling complex power requirements, including temporary installations, outdoor events, and large-scale productions. With a meticulous approach and adherence to industry standards, we guarantee a seamless power supply, giving you peace of mind and allowing your event to shine.
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How We Do It

We discuss your needs in detail and we apply our years of broad experience to come up with the right installation for your event. Safe power that stays on when when it needs to, and provides quick and localised isolation when it's required. The right power in the right place to support your event's needs. Compliance with BS7671 and BS7909, certified and signed off by trained and competent  professionals.
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