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Stage Lighting at Concert


Transform Your Event with Custom Scenic Build

Transform Your Event with Custom Scenic Build

Set the stage for a truly remarkable event with our custom scenic build services. Our talented team of designers and craftsmen collaborates with you to bring your event vision to life. From initial concept design to meticulous construction, we create stunning stage sets, backdrops, props, and decor that transform any venue into an immersive environment.

With our attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to quality, we provide the perfect backdrop that enhances the overall ambiance and reinforces your event's messaging. Let SPH take your event to new heights with our exceptional scenic build services.
Installation of stage

How We Do It

We work with a wide range of materials and print. We create stunning results from our in-house workshops, with our skilled and creative staff. We have a great knowledge of products, materials and substrates, and we know exactly how to interpret your ideas and designs and transform them into beautiful reality. If you've got an idea - we'll build it and assemble it at your event, and bring it to life in front of your eyes.
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